Specialist Tool Rental



Austech Industries Ltd, through it’s specialist tooling rental business, offers customers access to a wide range of tools that traditionally have not been available without engaging OEM labour.


Our inventory of tooling, available both with or without labour support, is targeted at the high cost, low frequency tooling that is often left on a maintenance budget wish list. 


With competitive rates based on daily, weekly or monthly terms, Austech Industries tooling rental service will ensure that your maintenance repair tasks are completed both safely and in a timely manner. This tooling, used in conjunction with the relevant manufacturers Operation & Maintenance Manual will also enable your company to provide evidence of correct procedures have been adhered to should the need arise through a warranty claim or similar dispute. 

Lifting & Rigging Equipment

Our inventory of lifting and rigging tooling will ensure your maintenance tasks are completed safely and in accordance with the correct procedure. In addtion to the standard offerings, we also have the following items:


- Track Frame Lifting Group (Caterpillar) 


- Adjustable Lifting Bracket Group (Caterpillar)


- Transmission Removal Tool 




Torquing Equipment

Having the correct Torquing equipment is one of, if not the most essential part of heavy equipment maintenance. From the serious safety implications to the costly downtime associated with incorrect installation practices, Austech Industries has the neccesary tooling to make sure your technicians are safe and well equipped:


- 1" Drive Avanti 3 Hytorc


- RAD 34GX Pneumatic Torque Wrench


- Specialty Adaptors and Sockets to suit

Pressing & Pulling Equipment

Hydraulic pressing equipment is an expensive, yet essential part of the heavy equipment maintenance industry. We have an extensive range of cylinders, pumps, rods and adaptors available including:


- Double Acting Cylinders from 30 - 150 ton


- Mobile Track Press


- Pulling Rods from 12" - 48"


- Hydraulic Power Packs to Suit



Engine Tooling

As one of the most costly components, engines require all manner of specialty tooling. Too often, costly downtime and poor performance can be traced back to inadequate or incorrect tooling. Our selction of specialist engine tooling has been tailored to meet the needs of the local industry including: 


- Engine Seal Installers


- Engine Timing Groups


- Nitrogen Test Kits 

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