In addition to our Heavy Equipment Technicians and Welders, Austech Industries also has a number of certified Air Conditioning and Fire Suppression technicians available. 

Heavy Duty Mechanics

Specialist Drill Techs 
Specialist Shovel Techs
Ancillary Equipment Techs
Airconditioning & Fire Suppression

At Austech, our modern service trucks are fully equipped with all the required tooling to perform extensive diagnostics, repairs and maintenance on heavy equipment. In addition to the standard offering, each truck encompasses a Crane, Welder, Compressor and computer diagnostic equipment. This tooling, offered in conjunction with our IP Red Seal Certified technicians ensures that all maintenance and repair tasks are completed in a safe and cost effective manner.


Austech also provides an industry experience document for each of our qualified technicians. During the placement phase, customers are given the opportunity to review the available personnel to ensure a suitable candidate is chosen for their operation / requirement. 


In addition to the equipment provided in the service trucks, Austech HET’s also have access to the companies specialist tooling that forms part of our  ‘Heavy Tools’ rental business. A complete list of the tooling is available from our website and each of the Service Trucks contain a hard copy of the information. 

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